I have been modeling for 10 years now and wearing heavy make up which always left me broken out. I was diligent about washing my face, watching what I ate and taking of myself but nothing seemed to work. For 10 years I've tried just about every product on the market and I've never found anything like Malibu C. Within two days of using Malibu's Sensitive & Problematic Skin system including Purifi Pure Blend Cleanser, Zinc C Serum and Vital Creme my face was acne free and continues to stay that way. I noticed one time when I had ran out of my Malibu C products my face broke out but once I went back on it, within days my face cleared right back up. I'm so grateful I found Malibu C! Not only are the Malibu C products great and natural but the staff at Malibu Wellness are extremely friendly and helpful, too!