I am a marketing professional in my fifties who has worked within the beauty industry for more than 25 years. Over the years, I have done work for a number of high-end, professional skin care companies and tried many products – briefly – including a number which “contained” vitamin C.

Until now, I have been unable to use any of the other branded vitamin C products because of the irritation which would develop on my sensitive skin. I cannot go near anything that might “peel” or otherwise forcibly remove skin, blemishes and discolorations, even if the end result is to keep them from returning (which I’ve seen no proof actually works). Consequently, I have had to live with the slow aging and discolorations that were developing over time.
Malibu C Vitamin C Serum has changed all that for me. Not only can I use VitaminC Serum twice a day, as recommended, but I am seeing a remarkable decrease in keratoses and uneven tone with no irritation whatsoever. It has even eliminated most of the skin tags that were forming at the base of my neck. And I almost never see signs of sunburn after golfing when I’m wearing my vitamins.
Moisturizers were an equally difficult challenge for me. Most moisturizers, rather than hydrating my skin, would make it feel hot and dry when I wore them. Most also felt like they left a coating on the skin. The “gels” that did absorb quickly still created the “inflamed, feverish” feeling – almost as if I was being DE-hydrated. Malibu C Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is the very first hydrating product I’ve ever been able to use that didn’t do this. My skin is very balanced, so it doesn’t require excessive moisturizing or oil removal, but it does get dry – especially when I’m outside a lot or during the winter. Having a moisturizer I can actually use every day and not feel like I’m “wearing” something has made a world of difference in my skin.
I had no idea there was a product that was this powerful when it comes to diminishing or eliminating skin problems. The fact that it works naturally with my skin while accomplishing all that it does proves to me that you don’t have to “break” something in order to fix it.
Thank you for these Malibu C products; the only ones that work for me.