I am writing to you to say thank you! I have been using your Malibu Scalp Wellness System for nearly three months now. I started using it at the recommendation of my long time hair colorist, Patti Song. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Scleroderma. Scleroderma means "hardening of the skin." It is a rare auto immune disease that not only attacks the skin, but also the lungs and heart as well. Thankfully, my condition has mellowed, and my symptoms are tolerable. One symptom that has been hard to deal with though, is a constant bubble on my scalp. The bubbles are about the size of a quarter and about 1/4 inch thick. They also itch beyond description. I frequently sleep with a cold pack or a cold wet washclotch on my head, just to relieve the itching. When the bubbles are particularly active, they would to move down my forehead, which made this condition visible. My Scleroderma doctor recommended Selsun Blue but it didn't really help. My hair colorist noticed the bubble when she was coloring my hair one day, and asked me about it. Within minutes, she was educating me with great enthusiasm about your Malibu Scalp Wellness system. The next day she delivered the Scalp Wellness kit to my home. Well, the change is not only instant, but significant! I had only gotten one bubble in three months while using the Scalp Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner. Then when I told Patti my results, she told me to use one of the Malibu Wellness Actives packets that came in the kit. The Malibu Wellness Actives made the bubble go away within an hour! I will NEVER, EVER use another product on my head! It is not worth it! The Selsun Blue is long gone! I will be sending a Malibu Scalp Wellness kit to my Scleroderma doctor at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He should recommend the Malibu Scalp Wellness products to all of his patients. They will love him for it! I cannot thank you enough for creating such a great product. It has literally changed my life!