Malibu has seriously changed my life and my hair! I have been so upset lately about the condition of my hair and more so, not having any idea why my hair seemed to be thinning, dry, brittle, no shine, you name it. Not even a straightening iron could get it straight and smooth. I thought it was just a change in my hormones after having my son that my hair became so different. I never put two and two together...that I was using well water on my hair...having recenlty moved and we run on a well. My blonde highlights would fade out and turn reddish soon after having them done. I got on the Internet and found your Malibu products, and since I had spent hundreds of dollars trying other things, I thought I would try this. I swear I have never been so estatic in my life with the results I got after one use. MY old hair is back, shiny, straight, no frizz. I cannot believe that this is all I needed. I have dealt with this for over 2 years...wearing my hair back every day! I want to scream to the world how much I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! THANKS!!!!