As a competitive diver, I am constantly in the pool and always looking for products to keep my hair and skin from drying out. Last weekend I participated in our first meet of the season. It was a two day competition and I was on the pool deck - getting in and out of the water - for more than five hours each day of the competition. The Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Mist moisturized and conditioned my dry, brittle, blonde tresses. When I finished the first day of competition, I applied a Swimmers Treatment packet followed by a Miracle Repair packet and my swimmer's hair was COMPLETELY transformed, making it silky and smooth instead of a dull, tangled mess. I used the Face & Body Moisture Mist and experienced results unlike any I've ever had. No longer did my face feel itchy or dry. A few spritzes of the Face & Body Moisture Mist instantly reduced the red, puffy, irritated appearance of my face and left it feeling smooth and refreshed. Even the chalky, flaky skin on my legs felt rejuvenated. It is a total miracle spray! I'll never leave for competition without these products!