After building our brand new home four years ago, I was excited about having our own home until the years of living with well water have been a NIGHTMARE! I had soft, beautiful, healthy hair and after years of using really hard well water my hair turned brassy, straw-like, dull, lifeless and don't let me forget to mention the breakage! It has been a nightmare! I finally searched online for a solution. I tried at-home remedies that did not work. After reading about Malibu C products, I knew I had to give it a try as I had blonde highlights in my hair so I knew I had to do something fast! I purchased the Hard Water treatments as well as the Blondes treatment and both shampoos and conditioners. After just one treatment, my hair was back to normal and there was no more brass to my hair color! It was a miracle! I continued to use the shampoo and conditioner and noticed that my hair stayed softer, healthier and much more manageable. I will never use another product again! Thank you so much Malibu C for such awesome products! You have been a lifesaver! Please do not ever get rid of your products! I can't wait to try more products from you!