Wellness Testimonials

I have extremely sensitive skin and have consequently spent much time and money over the years searching for that perfect product. At last I have found it! The skin care products by Malibu Wellness are both gentle and effective, leaving my skin soft, moist, and clear without irritation. more...
Shannon R.
Malibu, CA
• • •
I love all your products and the Facial Cleanser is to die for! I am absolutely addicted to it, and as an added bonus the scent transports me to my idyllic life I had living on Maui! It's an instant vacation twice a day! I love it! more...
Dr. Susan N.
Thousand Oaks, CA
• • •
Malibu C is the only brand I trust when it comes to skin care. Ever since I decided to give Malibu C a try, I knew I was a customer for LIFE. These products not only improved but CHANGED my skin! After 4-6 weeks the change was so dramatic I stopped wearing foundation to show off my skin. more...
Casey C.
Rowlett, TX
• • •
I just wanted to say the Zinc C Serum is absolutely amazing. I have been using it for about two months now and the results I have seen are less redness, less irritation, a more even tone, and most importantly less breakouts! I am an esthetician and have access to many products, but this is a staple in my routine. It addresses all the concerns I have - redness, breakouts and hyperpigmentation in a simple, natural formula without preservatives. more...
Christina Silva
M.E. Spa
Oceanside, CA
• • •
Your Malibu C Vital Creme never caused me any blemishes or irritation. The Vital Creme is the first and only product that I have been able to use daily without any issues. My face stays moisturized and I no longer have problems with dryness. Thank you for a great product! more...
Katrina P.
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
The results using the Malibu C problematic skin care regimen are awesome! My clients and I are happy! more...
Nina Tolia
Eyebrow Designer 21
San Jose, CA
• • •
The Vital-Creme is the best in the world! Everyone with any kind of skin can use it! It's #1 and I would not change my Vital-Creme. It's like a dream come true! more...
Alison W.
Greensboro, NC
• • •
The Matcha Masque has a light feeling on the skin, nothing like the feeling of most spa masks. As it sits on the skin it is cooling and refreshing. After ten minutes, the masque easily wiped away with a warm cloth, leaving a calm, refreshed, tighter feeling to the skin. It immediately gives a younger, toned, fresh face. more...
Rachel Dawkins
War Paint LLC
Tucson, AZ
• • •
I have sensitive skin and experience breakouts in my T-zone area. Vital Creme felt lightweight and hydrated my skin when it needed it most without leaving my skin oily. more...
Jillian M.
Pasadena, MD
• • •
I have very sensitive skin and I love that Malibu C Vital Creme moisturizes my skin without causing me to break out! more...
Connie S.
Homerville, OH
• • •
The entire Malibu C skin care is wonderful! My skin is very sensitive so it is hard for met to find a line that is gentle yet effective. Malibu C skin care never dried out or irritated my skin. It also improved the elasticity and complexion of my skin. I am very impressed! more...
Samantha Hayes
Style America
Palatka, FL
• • •
My skin is smoother and calmer from using Malibu C Zinc C Wellness Serum. My sensitive, older skin thanks you! more...
Andrea E.
Castle Rock, CO
• • •
I love Malibu C Vital Creme! So gentle and perfect! Very hydrating, and it actually took my skin's redness away! My tiny little zits actually faded a bit. Overall, I really like this product!! more...
Caitie H.
Graham, WA
• • •
Malibu C Vital Creme is amazing! My face has never felt better! I have used all of the expensive brands and nothing compares to Malibu C. Plus, it is safe during pregnancy...nothing else compares! I love this so much! My skin thanks you. more...
Katie L.
Rutland, MA
• • •
I love Malibu C Vital Creme. My skin is sensitive and dry. This moisturizer makes my skin so soft, smooth and hydrated. I love it! more...
Katie L.
Rutland, MA
• • •
I love Malibu C Vital Creme for my face! I've been using it for 3 months now and I can totally see a difference!! more...
Diane Fife
Hair, Nails & Toes Salon
Mount Juliet, TN
• • •
After trying Malibu C Purifi Facial Cleanser for five days (and nights) I have found my skin is back to its normalcy. more...
Leslie N.
Madisonville, KY
• • •
I LOVE Malibu C Sensitiv C Serum and Sensitiv Vital Creme. more...
Holly Buescher
Galesburg, IL
• • •
I am hypersensitive to certain scents, but Ultra Body Lotion wakes up my senses, way to start the day! more...
Claudia S.
Venice, CA
• • •
My clients absolutely love it and so do I! more...
Darlene Smith
Summit Salon Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
• • •
I'm experiencing good results with Malibu C Purifi Facial Cleanser and Sensitiv Vital Creme. more...
Jacynthe P.
Bromont, Quebec, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Sensitiv Vital Creme is also amazing. It completely soaked into my skin (which never happens). I always have residue after using moisturizers but not this time. My skin is smooth, soft and feels moisturized without feeling greasy. more...
Erin W.
Ivanhoe, VA
• • •
Malibu C Sensitiv Skin Care Collection is AMAZING! Love! Smaller pores, healed old scars, clearest face I've ever had. My face feesl so good! more...
Emily Vess
Hair by Emily Vess
Greenwood, SC
• • •
Lynn M.
Shoals, IN
• • •
Malibu C is a wonderful product! I have been using it on my clients for several months now and I love it! ...Malibu C is just a great skin care line and I love that it is 100% vegan. more...
Ingrid Hall
Relax Rejuvenate Body Care
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
• • •
After being out in the sun without a sunscreen, my face was feeling pretty warm. I used Malibu C Serum three times a day for couple of days and my face didn't peel and it felt much better (like it had cooled down) after the first use. Thank you, because boy, was I initially sore. more...
Prudence G.
Joliet, IL
• • •
I have really sensitive/acne-prone skin. I had a bad reaction to a store brand facial cleanser, and decided immediately to try the Malibu C facial products. The Exfoliant Facial Scrub left my face feeling clean, smooth and refreshed! As soon as I applied the Facial-Masque, I could feel it start working immediately. I now only use Malibu C products on my skin. My skin looks and feels better today than it has in years! Very satisfied customer of Malibu C! more...
Courtney Dishman
Altering Images
Monticello, KY
• • •
I really, really love Malibu C products! I have very sensitive skin and the Purifi Facial Cleanser and Vital-Creme moisturizer does wonders to my skin. As soon as I used the products for the first time, I knew it was going to be beautiful skin from now on. The scent is wonderful and a little goes a long way. more...
Sochenda Kun
London, Ontario, Canada
• • •
For the first time in FOREVER, my sensitive skin is finally calm and comfortable thanks to Malibu C skin care for sensitive skin! I couldn't be happier! more...
Jaaime D.
Evansville, IN
• • •
We started carrying the Malibu C skin care line where I work, and along with using it on a few new clients, I tried it on myself and LOVED the way my skin felt afterward. I am very excited to bring this product to all of my clients. And I can't wait to set myself up with this whole new regimen! more...
Jody Brown
Sweet Escapes
Leduc, Alberta, Canada
• • •
I'm hooked! I love how this product gives my face a healthy glow! My skin looks and feels soft. My complexion is even! My skin is healthy and feels amazing! more...
Kindra M.
Mayer, MN
• • •
The Malibu C skin care products I've tried thus far are the Purifi Pure Blend Facial Cleanser, Zinc C Serum and Vital Creme, all of which I LOVE and am obsessed with! more...
• • •
This is a highly effective product for people with sensitive skin that would like to look more youthful. It is a great value for the benefits I get from it and it's an affordable price. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, I love it! more...
Nick M.
Lanoka Harbor, NJ
• • •
I use the Vital Creme for Problematic Sensitive skin and it seriously works wonders. It keeps my face smooth and soft all day long. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know. more...
Samantha O.
Coon Rapids, MN
• • •
After years of looking for the best product for my red, irritated skin, I have found it. I am excited and relieved to have found a good companion for my face and neck. more...
Lindsay J.
Brooklyn, NY
• • •
I have very sensitive skin and haven't been able to use many face products. I started using Malibu C after my sister (who is a stylist) recommended them to me. I have been amazed at how soft and vibrant my skin looks and feels! I love these products so much and will recommend them to everyone I know! more...
Lisa V., Nurse
Fort Wayne, IN
• • •
I tried the Matcha Masque and loved it! It made my pores appear larger and wasn't too harsh for my sensitive skin. more...
Kelly Bronson
Capelli Salon
Helena, MT
• • •
I have sensitive skin and I have tried many brands. I wanted something new, free of parabens, sulfates and propylene glycol. Your Vital Creme offers exactly that and it is gluten-free as well. I love the smell and it feels so good on my skin. I use it every day. Thank you so much. more...
Simone V.
Alien, TX
• • •
Amazing!! That's all I can say about this entire line!! Purifi Facial Cleanser, the "colossal" cleanser, is superb at removing all my days' makeup without leaving my skin dry or damaged. My favorite products are the Zinc C Serum and Vital Creme. Both work wonders on my sensitive skin! more...
Messina D.
Springfield, OH
• • •
I have recently started using the Malibu C skin care products for sensitive skin and LOVE the results that I have seen! It has been a blessing to find relief! more...
Andrew T.
Bluff City, TN
• • •
I love Vital Creme! Great results! It is not too harsh on my skin which I love, too. more...
Evimareli C.
Tucson, AZ
• • •
I have been using Malibu C Zinc C Serum, Eye Toner and Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (now Vital Creme) for several years now. Love these products! I have extremely sensitive, dry skin and it is difficult to find skin care products that moisturize and tone my skin without causing breakouts. These products work fantastic! I no longer have to try endless products to find one that works for me! Thank you! more...
Janine K.
Holland, PA
• • •
I had redness, dryness, dullness and sensitivity due to the harsh summer sun. Using these products has brought my facial skin back to normal! My face feels light, airy and much healthier! The dry, flakiness is gone and has been replaced by a more youthful appearance and my skin just feels so much better! Thank you Malibu C for helping my skin! I love all three products! They are now a staple in my house! more...
Nancy F.
Park Hills, MO
• • •
Matcha Masque makes my skin feel so smooth and soft. I've tried this mask a couple of times so far and I really love it!! It makes my face feel clean and extremely soft after using it. more...
Natalya K.
Burbank, CA
• • •
I have been using Malibu C skin care for about a year now. I am so impressed with the results. I use Purifi, Original C Serum and Perfection Creme and it has made an incredible difference in my skin as far as discoloration, texture and moisture. Prior to using the products I had been experiencing sensitivity and allergic reactions to other products. Now that I am on a Malibu C regimen, all those challenges have gone away! Thank you! more...
Cindy Adkins
New Attitude Salon
Elk Grove, CA
• • •
I see a big difference in my skin since I began using Purifi Facial Cleanser. Before, all face cleansers were too aggressive for my sensitive skin and caused acne. Using Purifi plus weekly use of the Matcha Masque gives me face a nice glow and leaves my skin feeling soft. more...
Vanessa Menard
Quebec, Canada
• • •
Since using Purifi Facial Cleanser I've seen a big difference in my skin. Other face cleansers were too aggressive for my sensitive skin and gave me acne. I also use the Matcha Masque every week which gives my face a nice glow and leaves my skin soft. more...
Vanessa M.
Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Vital Creme makes my skin feel soft and smooth! I love it! more...
Anna M.
London, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I absolutely love Malibu C Purifi, Original C Serum and Vital Creme. I've been using them for about three weeks now, and can tell a big difference in my skin. Glowing, soft, less wrinkles. It's really helped my aging skin at 54. I highly recommend these products!! Thank you. more...
Lisa D.
Avon, IN
• • •
Malibu C Facial Masque is the best product I have ever used for my dry, sensitive skin. It did not burn or irritate my skin at all. It had a great smell and amazing results. My skin looked and felt great after one use. It even got rid of my pimples after using it once. Definitely the best masque out there and I will be continuing to use your products and recommend them to everyone!! more...
Jacqueline Brule
JPS Hair
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I love Malibu C Vital Creme for a daily moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin and this product works great for me! more...
Lisa L.
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
I love Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub. It worked so well with my sensitive skin and made it feel much softer I definitely recommend this product to all my friends! Simply amazing! more...
Shelbie K.
London, Ontario, Canada
• • •
My skin feels rejuvenated, never tight or irritated. Malibu C Purifi washes my skin clean in a gentle way. Now I can promote these products to my clients with confidence knowing that they will have favorable results, as well. more...
Karen Goff
Glory Hair Salon
Romulus, MI
• • •
The more I use Malibu C products, the more I become obsessed!...I have finally found a great product that makes my skin feel and look so beautiful! more...
Kelcie P.
Sequim, WA
• • •
I have been using Malibu C Purifi, Vital Creme and Exfoliant since the distributorship I work for starting carrying it. Awesome products! more...
Sheri Denis
ESP Salon Sales
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
• • •
My daughter is a competitive swimmer. Her skin was very dry and irritated around her eyes. It looked like she had permanent goggles marks that would also flake and burn. She added Malibu C Sensitiv Vital Creme to her routine. She uses it around her eyes. Huge improvement in her skin! more...
Michelle D.
Methuen, MA
• • •
My girlfriend got me Malibu C Purifi Facial Cleanser as an attempt to find something gentle enough for my skin but still efficient enough for a good clean. I'm very pleased with this product and plan on ordering again. more...
Carl G.
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
...my skin looks better than it has in years since I started using Malibu C Purifi Cleanser and Vital Creme. more...
Katherine McLeod
En Vogue Salon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
• • •
I have used Malibu C Purifi Facial Cleanser and Sensitiv Moisturizer for quite a while now and it is one of the only things I can use on my super sensitive skin. It leaves my face feeling fresh and clean without causing redness or breakouts. I recommend Malibu C skin care for anyone with sensitive skin. more...
Jaimie F.
Merryville, LA
• • •
Malibu C Matcha Masque smells just like the green tea in it. I looked up all of the ingredients and each one makes sense as to why they are in the mask. Cruelty-free and vegan, too. It made my skin feel wonderful. more...
Lisa W.
Black River Falls, WI
• • •
I am having good results with Malibu C Purifi Sensitv Facial Cleanser. more...
Yoshina Calderon
Westminster, CO
• • •
I really enjoy using Malibu C Purifi Facial Cleanser and Vital Creme on my skin. They leave my skin glowing and smooth. more...
Jeslie F.
Ocala, FL
• • •
I am allergic to a lot of skin care products and I didn't really have anything to wash and renew my face without breaking out. My eye brow stylist gave me a sample of Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub and guess what, it worked and I'm not allergic to it!! I plan to expand to the facial cleanser and moisturizer. Thank you guys for having awesome product!! more...
Jessica B.
Charlottesville, VA
• • •
I love the feeling of my sensitive skin with Malibu C skin care. It helps me to not break out or even have redness. Thank you so much for the amazing product. more...
Amy V.
Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba, Canada
• • •
Matcha Masque by Malibu C is the best mask ever. It makes your skin so soft and my kids get a kick out of seeing me look like the Hulk for a while. LOL! more...
Cindy B.
Frostburg, MD
• • •
I definitely noticed a change - not drastic but a subtle glow and fading of the marks left on my face. more...
Jennifer L.
Madisonville, LA
• • •
Malibu C skin care is great! more...
Sanobar S.
Manalapan, NJ
• • •
I used Malibu C's Matcha Masque and my skin felt as soft as a baby's butt! more...
Freyda G.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Vital Creme made my skin incredibly soft. I will definitely be purchasing it again! more...
Amy N.
Essex, Ontario, Canada
• • •
The Zinc C Serum is the best product for my skin. more...
Betty R.
Tampa, FL
• • •
I love Vital Creme! more...
Lorrie H.
Ardmore, OK
• • •
My skin feels so soft and the redness has subsided. more...
Marcia Spada-Pauli
Spada's Village Salon Spa
London, Ontario, Canada
• • •
My clients love the positive glowing changes in their skin... As a long time user of Malibu Wellness products it’s with great confidence I recommend their result-driven products. more...
Sharon Marie Pierce
Face & Body Treatments
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
I've used just about every affordable night cream on the market, and not a one of them has delivered such amazing results as your product! Thank you! more...
Diane G.
Bay Minette, AL
• • •
My daughters are begging me to order more of this wonderful product. They have not had any problems with their skin while using your products and can find nothing else that will keep their skin as healthy and as clear. Thank you. more...
Sheila W.
Empire Beauty School
Louisville, KY
• • •
My skin is soft and glowing without any irritation. more...
Nina F.
Hawley, PA
• • •
Equally impressively, I am also enjoying the use of the skin care by Malibu Wellness - it's hugely helpful to me because I regularly have to deal with sensitive skin... more...
Rory C.
Malibu, CA
• • •
I have reddish skin that is prone to breakouts and general redness. After just the first application of the Sensitive & Problematic Skin system, my skin felt smoother and there was less redness. I continue to see improvement every day. more...
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
Malibu C's Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is the very first hydrating product I’ve ever been able to use...Having a moisturizer I can actually use every day and not feel like I’m “wearing” something has made a world of difference in my skin. more...
Sanford, NC
• • •
I love the Malibu C Matcha Masque. It works great! more...
Cindy B.
Frostburg, MD
• • •